Deliveryservice(Coming soon)

Whether for a private party or lunch break at the office - we can personally deliver you the desired Oh!Musubi, freshly prepared in our kitchen in Munich.


Order: contact formEmail / SMS(0152 53654617)

Preorders (one day in advance) by e-mail or SMS  for pickup :10% Off.

Lieferung ist möglich ,Anfrage per e-mail bitte.

ab jetzt können Sie Ohmusubi (Di.- Fr.) direkt beim Japan Boutique-wafu kaufen und bestellen!



For fairs or events in Munich, our we Oh!musubi is available as a catering service. At your request, we can also prepare other Japanese dishes, such as Japanese curry, tsukemono, Karaage etc.


For more information, please contact  us at our shop or per KontaktEmail / SMS(0152 53654617)


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