In Japan, rice is a chief source of nutrition. While the Europeans snack on bread, the Japanese eat rice. Just without chopsticks. How does it work?


A triangle of rice, called an 'omusubi(onigiri)' is the convenient Japanese snack. With a special filling, each Omusubi gets a taste of its own.Thanks to the nori sheet over the rice, it does not stick to your hand. As such, you can enjoy rice triangles anywhere, effortlessly. Unlike sushi, an omusubi can be created with almost any ingredients, be it beef in sukiyaki sauce or vegetables spiced with curry – without soy sauce and wasabi as side dishes.


The name omusubi comes from the Japanese word "musubu“, meaning "to connect" in English. Connecting people with Japanese food culture is what we at Oh!Musubi seek to achieve.


How about trying a Japanese omusubi instead of bread next time? Oh!Musubi has plethora of filling variations for a different gourmet experience each time.


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